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“Chevrons In Pink” Marie Lawyer (Abm-GI103523CH)

Marie Lawyer was born in British Columbia, Canada and grew up drawing rocket ships and planets in the margins of her notebooks. She was drawn to art making from an early age, crafting little paper sculptures inside the hollow of her wooden school desk and practicing pointillism instead of math. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Art Education and spent a few years teaching before setting into full time art-making. Her art is influenced by a love of precision and order, and she works with meticulous detail. She works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media as well as in three dimensional wood, canvas, metal, cardboard and paper. She currently resides in Vermont.

made to order
All canvases to have a 4CM MIRROR + 3CM BORDER


“Chevrons In Pink” Marie Lawyer (Abm-GI103523CH)



  • Finished product for all prints are in clear acrylic.
  • All images are printed based on your selected image size. This means once framed, your overall size of artwork will increase between 6cm to 10cm. If you wish to discuss the overall size of your artwork please feel free to contact us directly so we can determine the exact measurement of your artwork.
  • White borders: When adding a white border, please note this will reduce your image size to give you the overall size that you selected.
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  • To maximise the use of your artwork, we allow you to hang your art in a number of ways. Feel free to choose one additional hanging position (hang positions shown below).


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