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“Block Party 1” Brenna Harvey (Abm-GI98209CH)

Brenna Harvey received her BFA in fine arts from Cornish College of the Arts in 2006, majoring in painting, printing and drawing.  She spent her time since living and learning in the cultural hubs of Brooklyn and Portland, Oregon and traveling abroad before returning to her hometown of Seattle, WA.  During the last few years, she has primarily worked as a chalk and sign artist. Brenna focuses her personal work around her naturalist pursuits and the organic flora and fauna she likes to surround herself in; usually working in pen and ink, watercolors and oils.  ­­

Brenna is a current artist in residence in THE Studio at Grand Image.

Bring playful patterns and eclectic textures to life with the Abstract Multi-Colour Collection. See an array of multi-colour swatches and brush strokes dance on your wall to create a must-see pop of art, perfect for any contemporary space.

made to order
All canvases to have a 4CM MIRROR + 3CM BORDER


“Block Party 1” Brenna Harvey (Abm-GI98209CH)



  • Finished product for all prints are in clear acrylic.
  • All images are printed based on your selected image size. This means once framed, your overall size of artwork will increase between 6cm to 10cm. If you wish to discuss the overall size of your artwork please feel free to contact us directly so we can determine the exact measurement of your artwork.
  • White borders: When adding a white border, please note this will reduce your image size to give you the overall size that you selected.
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  • To maximise the use of your artwork, we allow you to hang your art in a number of ways. Feel free to choose one additional hanging position (hang positions shown below).


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