Maria Flores

Maria Flores is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist. Her artwork, executed in screen prints, paper and fabric dyeing, embroidery and illustration under the moniker SAY HOLA is a celebration of all things vibrant and detailed, capturing her love for colour and quirk. Influenced by everything from landscapes, architectures, interior design, cultures and people’s connections are all explored in her work by unexpected colour clashes, geometric shapes, patterns, textures with a discovering eye.

Maria has been practicing for 8 years, with numerous group and solo exhibitions, with local and international collaborations and continues to grow and expand her
work to suit her new techniques and styles.

Federico Tomasi

Born in Stockholm (Sweden) 1974, Federico is a painter and video artist based in Bali, Indonesia.Influenced by action painting, he developed his own approach to painting in 1997 during a trip to Asia.He combines figurative and abstract techniques in his work on the human figure and body.

Tomasi’s artwork is printed on textured German Etching paper stock as limited edition of /30 each image.

Size: 465 x 665 print size (matt board optional not included in price, note that if matt board is requested, image size changes)

Custom framed: raw oak or black box frame

Yelena Patishman

Yelena Patishman is an Australian landscape contemporary artist.A former graghic designer from Melbourne, who paints full time.

Her paintings have an abstract style with swirling colours, with magestically luminous forms. Her Art describes how the unrefined elements of nature combine and form a harmonious synchronicity, forming a place of retreat. The paint colour and form combine signifying that one is not complete without the other, they just evolve organically.

When hung, her abstract paintings – with their dazzling incandescent glow, convey the illusion of gestural flow. Freedom and fluidity are the key feature to all her aerial landscapes. Relaxed yet structured, free-spirited, timeless, strong and elegant.