Domenic Minieri (Decor Haus)

Domenic Minieri is an Australian creative specialising in brand identity, packaging, digital and fine art print poster design.

As Creative Director and Curator of Decor Haus, Dom is passionate about creating unique fine art mid-century inspired artwork for clients who have a love and appreciation for great design.

About the Collection

The monochrome typography collection is exclusive to iinked, designed using simple retro principles of curves, vintage block printing accents and poster signature icon. Monochrome is a great way to balance any space and keep it neutral, its bold enough without taking away from other signature pieces around it. You can choose black font and white background or vice versa depending on the light, wall dimensions and overall mood you’re creating in the room.

Australian Animals

Australia is home to more unique species than any other developed country on our planet, and this series draws inspiration from our iconic native wildlife. Designed in a modernist, mid-century style each print looks impressive as a single print, or perfect as a pair or trio. They feature neutral tones and warm textures and will surely add a sense of minimalistic style to any room.

Abstract Brush Stroke Prints

These evocative prints communicate a unique sense of drama through their use of layered inky blacks and expressive strokes. The contrast of black and white, against a textured natural background, will surely make a strong visual statement in any room.

Watercolour Gems

Watercolour is hypnotic. The allure is multi-faceted, but it is the unique immediacy of the medium that we find most fascinating. Artists have to decide where you will place each brushstroke of colour and then let the ink, paper and surface do its magic. This series celebrates the beauty of watercolour and features neutral tones, warm textures and creative compositions.

From Great Heights

From Great Heights is a series of prints created using rich textures, pattern and tone. The series focus on abstract representations of Australia’s unique terrain, but also tap into the essence of the our wide open land and highlight its hidden beauty, from above.