How Do I Care For My Artwork?

To care for your artwork, we recommend regularly dusting and lightly wiping down your pieces with a dry cloth to keep them looking pristine. Please do not use soap or harsh sprays to wipe down your art. 

Will My Art Fade?

Unlike getting a bronzy glow after sitting in the sun all day, printed art can fade over time if situated in harsh sunlight for consistent periods of time. We recommend hanging away from direct sunlight to stop your art from lightening in areas. Rest assured, we use highly quality canvas (material) and heavyweight inkjet paper for prints that are very durable and have a high resistance to UV…. But you can never be too careful!

How Do I Hang My Art?

All art comes ready to hang. To avoid warping, art that is 980x120mm or over have D-rings on either side of the frame, ready to hang. Any art under that size have a string backing. 

You can purchase an array wall fittings and wall hooks from places like Bunnings. When lifting your art, please remember safe lifting techniques to avoid straining your body. Please ensure to carefully remove the cardboard packaging, as to not puncture, scratch, or damage the art.